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What’s The Difference Between Evaporator and Condenser Coils?

With hot summer days just around the corner, now is the time to check if your air conditioning system works efficiently. Checking your AC system’s evaporator and condenser coils can…... Read Article

Why You Should Consider an Heating and AC Upgrade Immediately

For the best Heating and Air Conditioning performance, get a new Heating and AC system from Mission Comfort. If you have an older Heating and Cooling unit in your home…... Read Article

Why My Boiler is Not Working

Dealing with a broken boiler is stressful for any homeowner, regardless of when it happens. When your boiler breaks, it’s also tough to determine the cause and how to fix…... Read Article

What An Oversize Furnace Means

Many people struggle with oversized furnace problems they don’t know they have. Homeowners may think a bigger furnace will perform better. However, the truth is that it can create more…... Read Article

How Long Does a Furnace Last: Factors Involved

How long does a furnace last? How does a furnace work? These are common questions asked by many homeowners across Waldorf, MD. Several contributing factors affect furnace life expectancy. The…... Read Article

How To Tell If Your Furnace Is Leaking Carbon Monoxide

Every year, as the temperature drops and your home’s furnace turns on, you and your family may be at risk. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas that, when leaked…... Read Article

What Is Heating and AC Cleaning: Importance and Process

Have you ever wondered, “What is Heating and AC cleaning?” Sure, you probably understand the general idea, but many homeowners don’t realize what Heating and Air Conditioning cleaning services entail.…... Read Article

How to Check if You Have an Energy Efficient Heater

An energy-efficient heater provides you with warmth in Waldorf, MD, while keeping your energy bills low. Therefore, many property owners want to check the energy efficiency of their heating systems. …... Read Article

What Does a Furnace Do?

A furnace is used to keep your home warm during the cold winter months. A furnace that works properly is essential to having a comfortable and safe home during the…... Read Article

What and When to Clean Your Ductless Mini Split

Just like any system, your home’s ductless mini-split requires regular maintenance to ensure they work properly long-term. Fortunately, mini-split HVAC systems are easy to maintain. Routine cleaning and maintenance will…... Read Article

How to Replace Your Furnace Air Filter

If your furnace isn’t running as well as it should, several reasons can cause this to happen. One reason is an old air filter. Replacing your air filter can offer…... Read Article

What Rust Inside a Furnace Indicates

Rust in a furnace indicates corrosion and breakdown of the protective coating of the metal components. The question here is, what causes rust in the first place? This can be…... Read Article

How Long Should a Heating and Air Conditioning System Last?

Installing an Heating and Air Conditioning system is a big investment, and homeowners understandably want to know whether they are getting their money’s worth. One of the most common questions…... Read Article

What is The Perfect Time to Service Your HVAC?

Your home’s HVAC unit is designed to provide for your heating and cooling needs. These systems perform simple tasks and are often out of sight, so they remain out of…... Read Article

Why Your Furnace Is Not Kicking On: Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

When the furnace is not kicking on and the house is chilly, there are several reasons why your furnace might not be working correctly. Maintaining your furnace before the cold…... Read Article

What Does an Annual Heating and AC Maintenance Plan Include?

Regular checkups as part of an annual Heating and AC maintenance plan serve as the primary way to avoid all Heating and AC problems. Avoid dealing with poor air quality…... Read Article

The 10 Most Common Problems Detected by Furnace Troubleshooting

Save yourself the headache of extensive furnace repairs by learning about the ten most common problems detected by furnace troubleshooting! Furnaces may not sit very high on the list of…... Read Article

Welcome to Our New Site!

Introducing—Mission Comfort! If you’re a loyal Community HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Heating and Air Conditioning) Services customer, you’ll notice things look a little different for your favorite heating and cooling company…... Read Article