I have so many wonderful things to say, but I’ll try to keep it simple… simply put – De’Asia the bomb.com and she smells good too!! The knowledge, professionalism and experience are unmatched! I met Kenzer. I think he was in training. Very good energy and will definitely be a wonderful asset to this company. I met Jensen too – who is the expert to those two amazing experts! From the top to the bottom, from the owner to the techs, each of them communicating with me through each visit. Cami has outstanding customer service!!! I actually prayed about a service I was thinking of getting (the kick start) and decided to get it. So I text her at 8  o’clock PM on a Friday night thinking she would reply back on Monday and she responded immediately. I was blown away! In closing, feel like I am more than just a customer, but I feel like they are my trusted friends. When asked how I heard about Mission Comfort, 💜 I say it was God because my experience has literally been supernatural ( for real tho) I’m retired military and I’ve traveled the world. I believe my time and treasure are most importance. Mission Comfort has got to be some of the best service I’ve experienced! I trust you MC! Thank you so much Mission Comfort! Job Well Done! 💜

Eborah J