One More Way We Stand by Our Work

Giving back to our community is our passion. One way we do this is by providing all of our customers with honest, budget-friendly, quality workmanship. We never skimp on products, jobs, or quality and we always go above and beyond to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and seal of approval.

We are so sure of our commitment and work ethic that we offer seven very solid 12-month guarantees with every replacement.

Our Mission Is Always YOUR Comfort

The following guarantees are promised for the first 12 months following your replacement purchase:

12-Month 100 Percent Satisfaction Guarantee

If we cannot resolve any issues to your satisfaction, we will remove the unit and refund you 100 percent of your investment—guaranteed!

The No-Lemon Guarantee

If your new unit breaks down twice in 12 months, we’ll replace the unit free of charge. No lemons—guaranteed!

The Workmanship Guarantee

In the event of any workmanship defects, our team will take care of the issue 100 percent, free of charge—guaranteed!

The Better-Than-We-Found-It Guarantee

When you call on Mission Comfort to replace your system, we guarantee you’ll only know we were in your home by the comfort of your new system. We always leave your home better than we found it—guaranteed!

The No-Change Order Guarantee

Once we agree on a price and finalize the cost with you, we will never come back asking you for more money—guaranteed!

The 24-Hour Service Guarantee

Once we replace your heating or cooling system, we are here for you with post-install support 24 hours a day—guaranteed!

The 24-Hour-Fix-It or Hotel Guarantee

In the event of a system breakdown, our team will repair your unit within 24 hours or we will provide you with a hotel room to ensure your comfort!

Stand-Up Service—Guaranteed

To learn more about our commitment to you and our community or to get more information about our guarantees, feel free to contact us or call our office at 301.450.8414.

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